The current issue of Advances in AI features cutting-edge research on a wide range of topics related to artificial intelligence. One area of particular focus is the development and application of new generative AI models, such as GPT and its variants, which have revolutionized the field of natural language processing and opened up new avenues for research in areas like language modeling, machine translation, and chatbots.

In addition to research on generative models, this issue includes articles on machine learning, data analytics, computer vision, and other key areas of AI research. Readers will find articles that explore the use of AI in healthcare, finance, and other industries, as well as research that investigates the ethical implications of AI and how it can be used to address social challenges.

Overall, this issue provides a comprehensive and diverse look at the state of the art in AI research, and highlights the exciting developments and breakthroughs that are driving the field forward.

Published: 2023-03-27